Celebration of Life

IN-PERSON: limited capacity – masks & spacing lovingly required:

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
300 E. Rosemary St.,
Chapel Hill, NC

We would never place the burden on Tony’s family of “choosing” persons for the limited church spaces. We do hope that as many as possible can be present in the church or fellowship hall, but please understand that no one’s love for Tony is measured by whether you attend in-person or participate online. We also do not want anyone to travel to Chapel Hill and feel like they were “turned away at the door” because of capacity limits. 

So, to help each other in our planning, Please let Tony's family know if you are planning to attend the service at Holy Trinity Church.
 It is not a formal “sign-up” list, but rather a way we can work together and each see how close to capacity we are – and thus inform our personal decisions as to whether to come in-person or perhaps participate via Livestream/Zoom and lovingly leave room for others. Without judgment or mandate (and in love!), we highly recommend that anyone who attends in-person be fully vaccinated.Space for 50 in sanctuary + 50 overflow in fellowship hall.

Tony expressed the specific desire to have his memorial service at Holy Trinity Lutheran in his beloved Chapel Hill. For everyone’s safety, spaced church capacity is limited, with room for 50 in the sanctuary and 50 in the overflow fellowship hall. As most of you know, Tony would be very supportive of Holy Trinity’s policy – along with any other steps we can take as a society to show loving care for each other.

Tony touched so many lives in his 70 years, and there is much love for him. Our hope was always that as many as possible could gather to celebrate Tony’s life. We will indeed all gather, but it will be in a different way (via LiveStream service and Zoom fellowship). In its own way, this may reflect Tony’s legacy – since Tony’s many friends were never gathered in one physical location, but were always spread throughout the country (and world). So, in a very meaningful way, we will gather on Sept. 25th from all the diverse places where Tony’s legacy continues to live through each of us! Tony’s sister, Susan, has asked … if possible, wear something Carolina Blue (whether in-person or online)!

During the post-service Zoom, we will have opportunity to see each other on screen, make comments in the chat-box, and speak a few words if desired. The Zoom will be displayed at church for Tony’s family and others there. For those in-person, this will not be a food fellowship – and (as difficult as it may be), we will remain lovingly spaced & masked. So, if you are online, you are not missing something!!

Can of Cheerwine with Crater Lake in the background

We plan to begin with a Cheerwine toast, so wherever you are, if possible, find a Cheerwine to have available for the Zoom fellowship!

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