This is a site celebrating Tony Yount. He was a brother, uncle, friend, explorer, photographer, and teacher extraordinaire.

Here, we share the stories of those whose lives he impacted, as well as some of his writings.

Tony’s celebration of life recording

Share your stories

How did Tony impact your life? Do you want to share that story with others? Submit it here to create a “yearbook” of stories.

Read Tony’s words

Tony was a history teacher and a keen observer of politics and how our country operated. He shared his perspectives in writing on social media. We gather those writings here for all to read.

Keep his impact going

Tony commented to his friends and family that he wished he’d had ten more years to live. We certainly do too. So to that end, we are keeping his impact going for at least ten more years by providing financial support for people to experience some of the activities that Tony enjoyed in the four communities he loved so much.

If you are here but don’t really know Tony

We can change that!

In notes that Tony left his family and friends, he mentioned the “four loves of his life” – Lutheridge, UNC, the American West, and his circles of friends. Stories from those 4 areas are shared here by all who were part of those loves.

Working summers at Lutheridge in Western North Carolina

Athletics at the University of North Carolina (UNC)

Exploring the American West with a particular fondness for Yellowstone National Park

The circles of friends from Lutheridge, UNC, and the schools where he taught

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