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This is a site celebrating Tony Yount. He was a teacher extraordinaire and a wonderful writer. We wanted to collect stories from those whose life he impacted as well as his writings from social media to a single location. As other writings emerge, we will add them here as well.

If you stumbled on this without really knowing who Tony was…

We can change that

Tony was born in Concord, North Carolina to Rev. Glenn and Doris Yount on March 15, 1950. He attended high school at Hickory High and graduated in 1968. He went on to earn Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education from UNC-Chapel Hill.

He worked as a teacher in the Chapel Hill/ Carrboro schools for his entire career, enriching the lives of countless students at Guy B. Phillips Jr. High and Chapel Hill High School. After his retirement from the local school system, he moved west to Montana, but then returned to work at UNC-Chapel Hill as an academic advisor for multiple athletic teams.

Throughout his life, he enjoyed summers at Lutheridge, extensive travel, especially to the American West, Carolina athletics, and spending time with friends, family, and former students. He was thankful for one final National Park trip this summer with loved ones.

The world physically lost Tony on August 18, 2020. The impact he had on his students, athletes, yearbook staff, campers, counselors, friends, family and the world at large will never be lost.

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